Virtual Lab for Cancer Research

Visualization of complex data, with up to billions of cells, all in virtual reality.

Theia Software

Visualize and manipulate large, complex data sets in 3D.

  • Collaborate

    Collaborate with other researchers in real-time, enabling immediate and simultaneous data interaction and presentation.

  • Customize

    Create custom scripts and tools using our upcoming API, allowing users to implement their own analysis approaches.

  • Analyze

    Simplify data analysis and tasks by replacing desktop applications and manual scripting with Theia's streamlined analysis steps.

Based on a successful Cancer Grand Challenge project

Our VR environment originates from Theia 1, a project developed as part of the Cancer Grand Challenges IMAXT program, focused on developing new technologies to profile tumours cell by cell and molecule by molecule.

Our research has helped us understand the need for an advanced VR data analysis environment and gave us valuable expertise for developing software for researchers in life sciences.

What is Theia?

The first virtual reality laboratory for biological data.

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We are removing barriers between researchers and their data.

If you are interested in developing something that could impact the future, we would love to hear from you.

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