The Team

We are a team of scientists and artists working together in parallel to develop intuitive, responsive and easy to use tools for analysis, research and discovery.

  • Owen harris   suil
    Owen Harris
    Director of Suil

    World leader in VR and scientific collaboration.

    Founder of the Explore DEEP project, a scientifically validated VR mental health intervention.

  • Download
    Greg Hannon PhD.
    Director of the CRUK Cambridge Institute

    World leader in RNA biology and cancer biology.

    Invented many widely used technologies in the molecular biology field. 

  • Dario tesst 02
    Dario Bressan PhD.
    Head of the IMAXT laboratory at the CRUK Cambridge Institute

    10 years of experience in the spatial -omics field.

     Founder of Elyx, a spatial biology company just awarded a CRH seed investment.

  • Robby
    Robby Becker
    Lead Programmer

    Software developer for over 10 years. Expert in VR development.

    Launched several titles into the commercial marketplace in the games industry.

  • Flaminia
    Flaminia Grimaldi
    Lead Artist

    3D artist with 7 years of experience in game development.

    Multiple shipped titles with responsibility for asset creation, art direction and leadership.

  • Joanna weselak   suil
    Joanna Weselak
    3D Artist

    3D and texturing artist.

    Experience in video game design and a formal education in Fine arts and Art History.

  • Suvi
    Suvi Harris PhD.
    Scientific Liaison

    Experienced Biologist who has worked in fields such as Botany, Ecology, Biosystems and Aquatics. 

    Suvi has a PhD in environmental statistics. 

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